From where she comes from…


Simone is born in southern Brazil in 1975 , descended by  father side from Italian immigrants and the mother side from Italian, Austrian  immigrants.


In 2009, after a major turnaround in her life, she made her first 3-month trip to India , Nepal and Sikkin visiting dozens of holy sites . This journey  profoundly transforms her way of seeing things and perceiving life.


In 2011 decides to return to India for 6 months , staying at Bodh Gaya and Himashal Pradesh. Inicially she worked as a physiotherapist- acupuncturist  as volunteer at Root Institute Hospital, in Bihar, the poorest state from India.

  After this work, traveled to the north, close to the Himalayas ( Himachal Pradesh) , for advanced meditation course ( Mahamudra), where she met  for the first time, her Belgium husband, Ivo Luyckx.


Simone today is married with Ivo , lives in Belgium and is mother of two beautiful boys : Luca and Matteo.


Studied Nurse / University of Caxias do Sul - UCS - RS

Graduate Physiotherapist / Santa Catarina Teaching Association - Joinville -SC

Post graduates in Neurophysiology / Brazilian Institute of Medicine of Reabilitation / IBMR - Rio de Janeiro

Specialization in Acupuncture (3 years) / Unisaúde - Goiânia GO

Article published in Scientific Brazilian Magazine (SBRASH) , entitled “The effectiveness of acupuncture in a patient with erectile dysfunction, aiming at minimizing anxiety reinforce the psychotherapeutic process.” 2009

Formation in Systemic Family Constellations I and II / Institut Integratiu , Barcelona, Spain

Formation in Progressive Family Constellations / Luz Rodrigues - Bilbao-Spain.

TethaHealer Basic and Advanced - Brussels

“Sanando la Pareja en mi” (Healing the couple inside myself) with Cristobal Jodorowisky - Barcelona Conscient - Barcelona

“Psychomagic Rituals - Psychomagic Acts to Heal My Family System`` / Cristobal Jodorowisky - Barcelona

Master Reiki Usui (Spain).

She worked for several years in healing groups in Caxias do Sul and Goiânia.

Hellinger Camp , attended by Rupert Sheldrake / Institut Hellinger - Bad Reichenhall - Germany

Study Genealogy and Epigenetics

Currently in Gestalt Terapy Training , Institut Integratiu - Barcelona

My Personal Path…

“The first two decades of my life were years of a lot of struggle, suffering, family conflicts, constantly searching for internal answers and an immense determination to make life worth of living.

Today I understand that every conflict found in my path was necessary to get me to where I am now.

I always knew that my work path would be in the health field. That’s a vocation that I never had a slightest doubt .

But professional of emotional help, I became.

I became because I have walked into the path that many people who seek for my help, are looking for.

During my work, in my sentences and in the energy i put into being with each person, I speak from my own experience . There is empathy.

I know suffering myself, I know how depression feels like,i know the feeling of abandonment, rejection, the violence in its different forms, i know how feels  isolation.

I learned none of this from theory of books, and I know that from this place, I can understand these feelings very well when I hear them from someone.

And better than that, I know there is a WAY OUT, there is CURE, there is reconciliation with the past.

I am living proof of this.

 Welcome to my life, to my way.


You can only take someone to a place you’ve been to before.Eastern proverb