Acupuncture is one of the branches of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is characterized by the use of very thin needles, without any

medication, inserted into the skin along the meridians coursing through the body. These needles penetrate only a few millimeters into the patient’s skin, deeply enough to reach certain key points to relieve pain, tension and restore balance.

It is important to point out that acupuncture is painless. Finger pressure is often more painful (Acupressure or Shiatsu) than the acupuncture needles penetrating the skin because it is too thin to cause any pain.

The needles are made of two types of metal and act as an

antenna (or several) capturing the Qi energy (Chi or Ki) from the environment and bringing it into the body, or by removing excess energy (excess Yang) and returning it to the environment.


Acupuncture has a holistic approach, where one perceives the person as a whole integrated into the environment. 



Stress and irritability

Panic, anxiety and insomnia


Migraine and high blood pressure

Rhinitis and sinusitis

Skin allergies

Loss of hair

Sexual and reproductive problems, infertility, male impotence and female frigidity

Body walking aches like fibromyalgia

Weakness in general

Pains and sensations internal cold

Lumbar, cervical or thoracic pain

Joint pain, arthrosis, hernias, knee pain, elbows

Energetic Analysis

In Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, the energetic analysis is made not only by listening to the patient’s complaints, but also by reading his facial expressions, his body, his physical constitution. All of this will give the acupuncturist tips and data on each patient’s health and organ shock (vulnerability). After this initial reading, the pulses are read, where the nutrition (or lack tof energy) of all organs and viscera of the patient is perceived. 

Along with the tongue analysis, seen as energetic microsystem, will give  information about the patient’s energy circulation and state of health.

Energetic analysis is not a replace for medical diagnosis.

Medical diagnosis you can have exclusively with your doctor.


How many sessions do I need?

The time of treatment depends entirely on the energetic response of each person.

Some people have a high store of energy, where even being out of balance can respond quickly to the effect of acupuncture. Others that  have a very low energy reserve will need more time.

Typically, the number of sessions can range from 3 to 10 sessions, depending on each case and energetic response to the needles.

1 session of Acupuncture = 65 euros



Katia MarchiniMarcia YadavVirgineChandana Devi DasiGina SalazarGreiceL.G.Giordana Eulália AlvesWandersonJovita Ferreira
“I had a Constellation Work done before I met Simone but after I had the first one done with her, I just wouldn’t look for another professional. The sessions I had with Simone were wonderful! I learned about things in my life I couldn’t see before. Gratitude Simone! “
Katia Marchini
“I’ve met Simone in a monastery in India; I had terrible back pain, the hospital was far away and I had no means to solve my health problems. That's when a Lama told me about a Brazilian Physiotherapist who had treated a monk in the monastery. I then met Simone, she treated my back pain and it was wonderful. I have no more pain and since then, she often helps me with her wisdom and professional skills: I've tried acupuncture, reiki and even online constellation. I can recommend all the treatments Simone is always willing to help others and I can say we’ve become friends! Thanks, Simone! ”
Marcia Yadav
“I had a Constellation Work done with Simone; I’ve never had any interest in alternative therapies but thanks to a friend who was Simone’s client, I decided to see her. I thought it would certainly help me with some personal issues. Indeed, the Constellation Work has allowed me to become aware of certain behaviour patterns I should change and also allowed me to unlock a powerful cleansing energy. Simone was supportive and able to put me at ease during all sessions; making me eager to continue the work that had positively affected all the issues I wanted to address. Thanks the Constellation Work, I have more clarity and I feel relieved of a number of burdens which hindered my progress.
“I’ve been in treatment with Simone during a very difficult time in my personal life. I had several suction cup and acupuncture sessions and counselling sessions. I also had long-distance Reiki which led me to spend hours in a complete state of relaxation. It's amazing herr connection and her strengthThey brought me long term relief, relaxation and comfort. Simone is a very competent professional with great sensitivity. Whoever has the opportunity to do any treatment with her, please do so; there are few professionals who treat you as a whole and understand its importance. She's is one of them. Give it a try !!! ”
Chandana Devi Dasi
“I had the opportunity to have Acupuncture and Constellation Work done with Simone, they were different but complementary experiences. Acupuncture allowed me to balance my internal energy. The experience of the group Constellation Work was remarkable and unforgettable; it brought me answers and made me look at the origin of a health problem which was not the reason I sought help. I understood that the energy field revealed what needed to be addressed. It is not about finding the guilty, but about finding each family member’s role in your life. I understood my own role and changed my behavior. Simone does her work with love and competence. Gratitude! ”
Gina Salazar
“The Constellation Work I did with Simone meant a step towards evolution in every area of ​​my life. When I accepted my father, even in his absence, and revered him, it was like having a force that made me feel better. I was able to move on with my life projects. Today, I no longer feel the emptiness I felt before; I am still working on my issues but I can see life more clearly, assuming my guilty and reconciling myself with my past. I'm so grateful! ”
“I used to be a very insecure person, I could not see a future in any relationship. The fear of losing someone has always been greater than anything else and therefore, my relationships brought me no satisfaction. I had no idea that the source of all that was in my childhood and teenage years . With the Constellation Work, I finally found out where the problems lie; I could not understand why my mother did nothing when I was abused by my stepfather. I was angry at my her because she died early and did not answer my questions about life and didn’t know who my father was. For years I lived in confusion and this wouldn’t let me be happy; whenever everything was going well, I could only think that everything would go wrong. The Constellation Work made me understand and accept the fate of my family. Now, I understand that my mother wasn’t guilty of everything bad happening in my life; she was only human. My mother gave me the precious gift of life which I promise to live fully honoring my ancestors. ”
“After the Constellation Work with Simone, I felt anew, happy and hopeful. Thank you, Simone “
Giordana Eulália Alves
"It's a unique and profound experience of a myriad of feelings we didn't even know we carry inside us. It’s been a great transformation! Very good to forgive and not to blame people, and most importantly, not to become a victim of life. We are 100% responsible for our lives and our choices."
“The Constellations Work was very gratifying. It meant to understand my relationship with my mother, a mother and daughter relationship. Thank you very much Simone.”
Jovita Ferreira