What is Family Constellation?

Systemic Family Constellations is a therapeutic technique that facilitates access to unconscious information from the family field, allowing us to see from another perspective the origins of problems and conflicts experienced.

When someone is experiencing a conflict, be it physical illness or relationship or emotional problems, there is usually an intrusion between this person and some family member, whether very distant or not, via unconscious loyalty. This person will repeat fates in the innocence of an unconscious love that gets sick, wishing to solve certain problems in this family. But this is very heavy.

The systemic family constellation allows order to be reestablished, to realize repetition patterns, and to consciously release itself to pursue a freer and lighter life.


It is the therapist with specific training and experience who will facilitate the
phenomenological ensemble in which the constellation develops. The facilitator investigates with the client the theme brought and seeks following the signs of the field, a harmonic solution for all involved.
It is the central element of a constellation. It brings up a theme, a question, that should be clear and relevant, focused on solution. He who will bring the morphic field to be explored.
They are usually people (but can also be objects in the case of private constellations) upon which certain aspects of family system members are projected from the morphogenetic field, they can express themselves in their feelings, giving the constellation a dynamic development.


In Group Family Constellation, the client has a problem they would like to work on. Usually, the client is asked to choose someone to represent. The facilitator suggests which ancestors and theme will be included and a representative is chosen for each.

Each one is placed in the center of the field and asked to tune in to what is going on in their body. So the facilitator using short key phrases helps bring the constellation to the resolution.

However, when a group is not available, a Constellation can be assembled in the office using Playmobil figures or objects on the floor, representing the family elements in the same way.

In this case, the therapist and the client are in tune with the representatives.

How can participants who have never heard of my family / ancestors perceive their unconscious emotions?

To understand this, it is necessary to explain the morphogenetic fields and field behavior.

The field where the genealogical information is connected, according to Rupert Sheldrake, from a quantum point of view, are invisible organizational structures that shape plants and animals and also have an organizing effect on conduct.

These Morphogenetic Fields contain information gathered from all past history and evolution, such as a “racial memory” according to Freud or a “collective unconscious” according to Jung.

Intergenerational transmission then occurs through this morphic field, as there is a common memory shared by all clan members, whether or not they lived in the same space and time.

Learn more about Morphogenetic Fields


Each family has a code of conduct, a common legacy, a cluster of beliefs, and we adopt these standards from our parents, which in turn adopted them from their parents, and so on.

This legacy is transmitted by the family unconscious and often passes on from generation to generation the choices and way of seeing and living life by their descendants. We want to change, but we don’t know how.

Who would dare, for example, to get rich in a family where money is said to be dirty, money does not bring happiness, and those who get rich do so by exploiting the poor?

Or “women need a men.”

Woman can not separate. In this family there is no divorce!

Or the opposite, “the women in this family don’t need a man.”

They are strong women.

And so comes a descendant who never finds love, or finds herself, they are weak, oppressed / repressed men and dependent on these women.

How are women treated in your family? What about the men?

Whats are your family beliefs?

For what family constellation can be useful?

Gain access to subconscious family information, see things from another perspective and find solutions.

Access taboo subjects and find new meaning in them.

Release energies that once limited the entire family system allowing future generations to feel liberated.

Bring relief to the consultant.

Create awareness about traumas secretly living inside the family.

Include family members who were excluded from the familly system.

Restore the client’s feelings of inclusion and freedom.

Gain inner strength to move on in life.

Gain peace, serenity and certainty that all is well.

Reestablish the client’s position in the family and life leaving unnecessary burdens behind.

Indications of Family constellation therapy

Problems and intrigues between family members

Inheritance disputes

Physical illness

Feeling stagnant in life


Suicidal thoughts

Difficulty finding your way in life


Difficulty finding a partner

Repetitive adverse situations and circumstances

Sexual abuse

Psychological abuse

Among many other situations

Presencial session
Online session

Life must be joyful, lived with enthusiasm, hope, inner strength and confidence.



Katia MarchiniMarcia YadavVirgineChandana Devi DasiGina SalazarGreiceL.G.Giordana Eulália AlvesWandersonJovita Ferreira
“I had a Constellation Work done before I met Simone but after I had the first one done with her, I just wouldn’t look for another professional. The sessions I had with Simone were wonderful! I learned about things in my life I couldn’t see before. Gratitude Simone! “
Katia Marchini
“I’ve met Simone in a monastery in India; I had terrible back pain, the hospital was far away and I had no means to solve my health problems. That's when a Lama told me about a Brazilian Physiotherapist who had treated a monk in the monastery. I then met Simone, she treated my back pain and it was wonderful. I have no more pain and since then, she often helps me with her wisdom and professional skills: I've tried acupuncture, reiki and even online constellation. I can recommend all the treatments Simone is always willing to help others and I can say we’ve become friends! Thanks, Simone! ”
Marcia Yadav
“I had a Constellation Work done with Simone; I’ve never had any interest in alternative therapies but thanks to a friend who was Simone’s client, I decided to see her. I thought it would certainly help me with some personal issues. Indeed, the Constellation Work has allowed me to become aware of certain behaviour patterns I should change and also allowed me to unlock a powerful cleansing energy. Simone was supportive and able to put me at ease during all sessions; making me eager to continue the work that had positively affected all the issues I wanted to address. Thanks the Constellation Work, I have more clarity and I feel relieved of a number of burdens which hindered my progress.
“I’ve been in treatment with Simone during a very difficult time in my personal life. I had several suction cup and acupuncture sessions and counselling sessions. I also had long-distance Reiki which led me to spend hours in a complete state of relaxation. It's amazing herr connection and her strengthThey brought me long term relief, relaxation and comfort. Simone is a very competent professional with great sensitivity. Whoever has the opportunity to do any treatment with her, please do so; there are few professionals who treat you as a whole and understand its importance. She's is one of them. Give it a try !!! ”
Chandana Devi Dasi
“I had the opportunity to have Acupuncture and Constellation Work done with Simone, they were different but complementary experiences. Acupuncture allowed me to balance my internal energy. The experience of the group Constellation Work was remarkable and unforgettable; it brought me answers and made me look at the origin of a health problem which was not the reason I sought help. I understood that the energy field revealed what needed to be addressed. It is not about finding the guilty, but about finding each family member’s role in your life. I understood my own role and changed my behavior. Simone does her work with love and competence. Gratitude! ”
Gina Salazar
“The Constellation Work I did with Simone meant a step towards evolution in every area of ​​my life. When I accepted my father, even in his absence, and revered him, it was like having a force that made me feel better. I was able to move on with my life projects. Today, I no longer feel the emptiness I felt before; I am still working on my issues but I can see life more clearly, assuming my guilty and reconciling myself with my past. I'm so grateful! ”
“I used to be a very insecure person, I could not see a future in any relationship. The fear of losing someone has always been greater than anything else and therefore, my relationships brought me no satisfaction. I had no idea that the source of all that was in my childhood and teenage years . With the Constellation Work, I finally found out where the problems lie; I could not understand why my mother did nothing when I was abused by my stepfather. I was angry at my her because she died early and did not answer my questions about life and didn’t know who my father was. For years I lived in confusion and this wouldn’t let me be happy; whenever everything was going well, I could only think that everything would go wrong. The Constellation Work made me understand and accept the fate of my family. Now, I understand that my mother wasn’t guilty of everything bad happening in my life; she was only human. My mother gave me the precious gift of life which I promise to live fully honoring my ancestors. ”
“After the Constellation Work with Simone, I felt anew, happy and hopeful. Thank you, Simone “
Giordana Eulália Alves
"It's a unique and profound experience of a myriad of feelings we didn't even know we carry inside us. It’s been a great transformation! Very good to forgive and not to blame people, and most importantly, not to become a victim of life. We are 100% responsible for our lives and our choices."
“The Constellations Work was very gratifying. It meant to understand my relationship with my mother, a mother and daughter relationship. Thank you very much Simone.”
Jovita Ferreira